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University Research Project: Design in Research

After attending a number of "agIdeas" by the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), and also delighted in being invited in attending the Design for Business event one year; I was inspired in researching what and how design makes an impact on society.

The project ended up contributing to two finals, for two separate classes in my last semester of university; thus it was broken down into three different steps, with the final two steps happening simultaneously.

1. All research and written content conducted.
2. Creation of Interactive printed poster brochure.
3. Creation of Interactive E-Publication.

The aim was to educate readers on how design influences and impacts within business, education, marketing and (financial) value.

Black Boxes were created to hide glossary terms to avoid distracting the reader from reading on ahead. It was also used to help separate each section (and fold). On the printed version, the boxes were stuck down with a similar adhesive glue you'd find in magazines; while on e-publication version it could be clicked away. Words that had a highlighted box around them indicated that a glossary term was available. On the e-publication, one could click-and-hold on the term which would then highlight where on the glossary, the term was. 


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Design for Research Poster Spec Sheet2.jpg