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Creating a sub-brand to go along with Australia's National Gallery of Victoria: Heirloom. The Indigenous Nature & Garden Museum.
University Project

The objective of creating Heirloom was to introduce nature back into our galleries. We as people roam from place to place seeing flowers, trees, bushes; but never tend to know what they are unless we look for the information. The aim of Heirloom was to give nature a standing among society as a piece of value to be treasured – The same kind of value as the artworks we find on the wall in the NGV. Similar to the NGV, Heirloom would have a space solely for Australian and as well as another dedicated space for International  culture.

The logo of Heirloom is based off the plant "Kangaroo Paw", with dots to help represent the breath of life that plants give back to our air after recycling carbon dioxide. The yellow "flower" which can also symbolise the Sun is based of wattle flowers from the Wattle tree – which is Australia's National Flower.  

A website (via SquareSpace) was also created for Heirloom which would curate some of the exhibitions held at the site and depict future events.


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