Your Brand started on this journey long before Your Business did. It's how you, your clients, customers, and other passengers on your journey talk and act about it. It's Your Story from when you are first conceptualising your idea, to when you open your doors.  You have a brand...whether you like it, want it, or not.

It's Your Written, Spoken and Visual Voice. It's on Your Website, Social Media and in Your Emails. It's also how people communicate and think about You. 

First impressions count so let's not get off the wrong foot; I'm Nicole Maddern and I'm here to help you with your Branding & Identity Design in Your Business. 


My Passion and Practise is in Graphic Design;
but let's use the term Communication Design. 

With graphics, (like words) you're communicating to your audience. However, every person understands and communicates with a picture differently. Even the right graphics can communicate the wrong message without the right information, set-up, understanding or headline. That's why I look at getting the right message across first and graphics second. That way, we stay and communicate on the same page. 

I studied and completed my Bachelor of Communication Design degree at Monash University (Australia) in 2015. Since graduating from university, I continually refine my knowledge and skills, as one never truely stops learning. My focus is on Typography, Editorial, Branding & Identity Design. 

Businesses and Individuals I've worked with in Branding & Identity and/or Graphic Design include; Vision Australia, Tree San Diego (USA), Keeping the Craft of Signwriting Alive (Australia), Sign Industries (Australia), and Library at The Dock (Australia).

University projects that I'm proud of include a branding revamp of the popular telecommunications company Sprint (USA) and 'Heirloom', the National Gallery of Victoria's Botanical Collection of Australian indigenous plants (mock-company, Australia based).

I'd love for you to see my portfolio, See It Now »

Branding is Important.
Demand Respect for your Business Today.

If branding in business was a physical thing, it would be a Human Being. It is the way it looks, dresses and communicates to it's fellow colleagues and customers that passes by every day. It's the popular stranger in high school that everyone knows about; and that same stranger who leaves love letters in your locker.

Just like a human being, you need to nurture your brand to make it grow to it's full potential. Your logo may be the face of your business, but you still need to dress up and look the part. That includes the business or party attire, the shoes, the watch, the hair, the smell on the clothes and even to the music you groove to. You're Proud of Your Business, and Your Business should be be able to show off, impress and make your fellow colleagues and customers proud of it too.

How one should look at Branding & Communication Design.

Either you like it or not, Branding already exists for your business whether it is intentional or not. It is the story and the visual attitude towards your colleagues
and customers. This can include the graphics, its content and the marketing to everyday society. 

By not having good branding and communication, you would be doing your business a disservice. How would you expect your customers to find and trust you if they don't actually know you or Your Story? Let's say you do score well with these points, is going from point A to Z easy or are your customers and colleagues frustrated?

First, let's look at how your business is going; the successes and where room for improvement is required. Second, how does it attract Your Customers via marketing, the visual graphics upon first impression and what adjustment is required. Third, what Your Story is, how is it being told and is it coming across to your audience correctly. Forth, do said adjustments with Your Approval of course and number Five, for Re-Launch!

The Results when you Invest in Branding.

Can you even imagine Apple without it's logo, or even it's 'i-[Statement]' trademarks? What about Coca-Cola without it's distinctive colour red? Or McDonald's big yellow 'M'? Or better yet, what about Hello Kitty's cute icon? So what they are all multinational companies that rake in millions (if not billions) every day. The fact is, that you're already imagining their products and everything associated with it, without me giving you any visual cues. Think about how You're Feeling and compare it to how a close friend might feel. Perhaps these companies make You or Your close friend feel excited, filled with desire, or perhaps even angry, upset, or frustrated. You might even be able to taste that cheeseburger and Coca-Cola on your lips or even start humming that theme song, yet again...!

Now, you know you have that urge to take action; whether it's complaining how poor of a service they are to you or to just damn-it-all and buy it now!

Now, let's take a step back for a minute. 

Their Brand just made you react one way or another; They didn't even do anything! By not looking into and investing in Your Brand, you don't know if you're sending out the right message to the right people which then makes your advertising look like it's failing. You're doing Your Own Business a disservice if you don't look at Your Brand seriously.  Your Customers shouldn't only think about you when they find Your Business Card. They should think about You, when a certain issue pops up and think about Your Story; and how You're a Trusted Business that knows how to fix it.

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